On this page you can see examples of my mural projects and I also write a bit about the process of ordering a mural/wallpainting.

Interested in a wallpainting?
Wallpaintings are commission projects where I often design the painting together with the customer. When a customer wants to have a wall painting from me I first agree a meeting where I can see the space and hear the ideas or wishes of the customer. We talk about the budjet too and I let them know what kind of painting options there could be.

How much does it cost?
The cost of the painting can from a few hundred euros to thousands. It varies from different factors: First of all the size of the painting and the details of the painting. Same size wall can have very different price if the amount of work  is 3 hours (small simple image) or 3 days (detailed image with several layers of color). The decision of having an under painting or base affect the cost. If the wall is in a good shape with no holes to fill and the underpainting has already been done it will cost less when compared to a situation where I need to fill the holes and paint the whole wall first once or twice. Sometimes we have agreed with the customer that the holes can be left there and no underpainting is needed. It depends on the space how much effort is reasonable to use.

How to start?
If you are planning a wall painting you can contact me and agree about a free consultation visit to your home/space. We can have a discussion what is your dream or wishes for the space and how it could be created. It is nice if you have reference images of what kind of painting or feeling you would like to have but it is not necessary. We can discuss that also together.

Here you can see some of my wall painting projects, some of them very large and detailed, some of then very quick to create. All of them made with love.


Kristiina and Ari wanted to have a feeling of a warm faraway country in their living room. I made a wallpainting that would remind them of ocean and fresh winds. As they loved gold I made a special sablon of old rococo ornament for this project and painted in a detailed way golden ornaments on the top.  When Kristiina and Ari saw the outcome they said they couldn’t have been happier. They truly now had a feeling of a far away country in their home and they said it still feels like it has always been there. 

I am working as a mural assistant for Riika Anundi and have been painting 15 meter high stone totems in Myyrmanni shopping center. This projects will be so far the biggest indoor mural project in Finland and I am thrilled to be part of the Riika’s work group. Mural is estimated to be finished in September 2023. 
Riika’s interview about the project (in Finnish). 

Tapestry inspired effect wall in Taitalo Parking hall.
– – Tein Taitotalon parkkihalliin efektiseinän, jossa tasoitin ensin seinän kevyttasoitteella, pohjamaalasin ja mittasin. Sen jälkeen tein sapluunalla ja tasoitteella kuviot oikeille kohdille ja pintamaalasin seinän. Tein aluksi struktuurimalleja myös oranssinvärissä ja erilaisilla pintakuvioilla (kaksi kuvaa alla), mutta lopulliseksi malliksi valikoitui turkoosin, pinkin, keltaisen yhdistelmä ornamenttikohokuviolla. Lopputuloksesta tuli herkkä tapetinkaltainen seinä parkkihallia piristämään.  

Jouni and his wife have a beautiful summer cottage in the Nuuksio National Park. In the front yard of their cottage they have also a tiny tool shed where they wished to have a mural painting. Jouni likes Van Gogh paintings and I got a wonderful challenge to create a sunflower painting that woud remind Van Goghs famous paintings. I loved this project I used outdoor wallpaints and selected the tones so that they would fit the beautiful nature surroundings. I used only small brushed to create all details in a beautiful way. When my customers saw the outcome they were astonished by it and said they couldn’t have imagined it would turn out so beautiful. I was so happy to be able to fullfill their wish and make their summer cottage surroundings so unique. 

Tanja absolutely adores nature, and she wanted to be surrunded with it also at her home. The wall in her living room is over 5 meters long and there are many layers and a lot of details in this wallpainting.
Tanja wanted  to have a waterfall painting in the utility room. Painting starts on one wall, it flows strongly down on the second wall and continues its path on the third wall. Corners were used to create a special effect of the flowing water. There are a lot of details and layers in this painting and it took several days to paint it.
Tanja loves ocean and sunrises and I painted The Byron Bay scenery from Australia in her her bedroom.
Jukka loves the Creek islands and he wanted to have the feeling of Creece in his living room. I made a small painting according to his wishes on the living room wall. Now he can enjoy the feeling of Creece at his home while planning the next travel.

Kristiina Brunila is living in Kirkkonummi with his spouse Ari in a extremely beautiful and cosy house. They  ordered large paintings from me that would be devided on four different walls. We agreed to use the existing underpainting as such and have less layers on the actual painting and in this way they got several walls painted in a relatively short time period. They love flowers and plants and that was the subject of the paintings.  Kristiina’s and Ari’s veranda is now full of new growth, plants and delicate flowers. One of the plant is continuing to grow inside their house and there it is meeting another painting that resembles a waterwall of “folk art flowers”. During this project I had a strong feeling that I must paint what the house wants me to paint. I realized that these paintings are a gift to the house. According to Kristiina’s words veranda is now for the first time a room where she really wants to spend time. She says that it feels like the painting has always been there.

Mari is fond of plants and bugs and she wanted to have a painting that depicts her interest. She used to have a large black and white  photograph on her living room wall and we agreed that I will paint the new painting on that very spot. I used partly shiny paints that have nice effect when the light is moving. She wanted me to paint the ladybird beetle flying.

Johanna from Soulfysio and Healing asked me to create a wallpainting in her new healing studio that would describe the beautiful work she is doing with her hands and by helping customers with breathing therapy. We designed the wall painting closely together and it has three unique elements: hands painted with gold, feeling of wind and breathing and a feather that is flowing in the air.  I loved the process with Johanna and she was really happy with the delicate end result. I will share a couple of photos now and more photos will be visible later. Ps. I can recommend Johanna’s treatments  from the bottom of my heart. I have tested her the energy and fysioacustic treatments and they touched me deeply.


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Mitä seinämaalaus maksaa? 
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Miten aloitetaan?
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terveisin Marika

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