Great to meet you!
I’m Marika, visual artist from Kauklahti, Finland. I have painted over 25 years and hold exhibitions in Finland and UK. I live in a small idyllic place called Kauklahti and from our living room window I see forest. Nature is one of my inspirations and many of my paintings look like water falling or trees growing.

I believe painting can bring us into another world.

Since I was a child I have liked watching other people draw. It was captivating. I could just sit still for a long time next to someone and watching how a piece of art would emerge on paper. I can still sense that same feeling when I paint. My heartbeat goes slower. I feel calm. And I just observe what wants to emerge on canvas. 

Both looking at and creating art can give insights of one’s own life. Paintings can be used in intuitive work, in asking questions and receiving answers. Paintings discuss in their own way when we  listen. And they can give us comfort, love, support and courage. 

I want to create paintings that help people feel more peaceful, present and empowered.
My art is abstract, intuitive, colorful and full of layers. Key themes in my art are emotions, appreciation of ourselves, acceptance and personal growth. Impressions of flowing water and growth in nature are present in many of my works.  I want to create paintings that help and support people.  Feedback from my customers and curators tell that my paintings give comfort, encouragement, and support in understanding our lives.  

It would be an honor for me to create a painting for you-

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“We love the serenity and feeling of calm that is created in Marika’s work.  You can lose yourself in the movement of the images and take time to reflect … on life and on oneself.”

Julia Carmichael
Curator, Chelsea Waterside ArtSpace, London

Marika Kerätär - An artist based in Finland.