When I paint I dive into another world. I sense my heartbeat go slower and I feel peaceful.  My breathing changes. Since I was a child I liked watching other people draw or paint. It was captivating. I could just sit still for a long time next to someone painting and watching how that piece of art would emerge on paper. I can still sense that same feeling when I paint.

I want to create paintings that help people feel more peaceful, present and empowered. Key themes in my art are emotions, appreciation of ourselves, acceptance and personal growth. Impressions of flowing water and growth in nature are present in many of my works.

My gratitude of being able to create art is great.
One evening I was painting a large painting of a woman who, for me, is a representation of love, understanding and appreciation. While I was painting her long blue hair, I suddenly understood, ”I feel honoured that I can paint her hair”. This was one of the most beautiful moments for me in art. To feel I have created a painting with soul and feel honoured I can paint it, that I can create something that touches my heart:
it’s amazing.