“Appreciating you and me.
Our roots and traditions.
Our ancestors.
Nature around us.

Nature was regarded as sacred. Everything that was received from nature, had to be earned by asking, invoking and supporting it first.
Appreciating it with words, gifts and actions.
Respecting it.

In some Eastern languages, sacred means Knowledge of Light.
It also has a meaning of Wholeness.
Could that wisdom still guide us?
Could we regard our nature as sacred?
Could it help in creating better decisions?
Could it protect us?”

Video made at Lake Valkerpyy, Finland
by Elina Airola, Helena Eslon, Marika Kerätär and Henrika Kurkimäki

Long version of this piece
was seen at art exhibition

17.7.2019 – 14.8.2019
at Chelsea Waterside ArtSpace, London.

Marika Kerätär - An artist based in Finland.