3 months ago

I think we need some fresh new ocean winds for the new year don’t we? 😘🌊 These oceanic paintings have special feeling, they are ...

4 months ago

Wishing you a merry Christmas with my icon like painting 🌊✨ Her long blue hair is open and free, it continues eternally as does the ...

4 months ago

Wishing you a happy Winter Solstice! Day is so short here in North that traditionally people said that the sun has gone to its nest for s...

4 months ago

Thanking is both appreciating and receiving. This painting, ”Thank you”, was painted last year at gig and it found a l...

4 months ago

Appreciating respectful loving eyes. How does it make you feel? The title of the work is: “I appreciate you. I understand you. I love...

7 months ago

I hope you are all fine! I have had a flu for a few days, but luckily only a flu... ⁣ So I have been resting several days and then upda...

7 months ago

A R T I S T I N T R O D U C T I O N Hi all! And also welcome to my page all new followers, lovely to meet you! 🌿Who I am? I’m Ma...

8 months ago

My paintings Courage and Honored. Maalaukset Rohkeus ja Kunnioitettu. Taidenäyttely 6.9. asti. Kuninkaantien taidehuone Entresse

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